Everything under the stars has a divine order


The journey to Delhi

Arrived safely in Delhi. Feels like i am dropped in another world 🙂 need some time to adapt to the time change and travel now. But how magic life prove to be again if you dare to step in the unknown. Yesterday during the transit in Moscow my path crossed somebody from Ghent who was also going to Delhi and is going to Rishikesh for a yoga retreat, the city where i am also planning to go after Delhi. We ended up sitting next to each other in the plane from Moscow to Delhi and started filosofing about life. It is inbelievable how everything under the stars is connected and that we are always at the right time and place. The last year sometimes it is crazy what happens all the time. Lately i was walking with a friend in Antwerpen and she told me that day about her friend that drove around the world with his bike. One day later i met a guy in a total other context and he told he travelled around the world and he seemed to be the man my friend talked about. The funny thing is that this are no individual causes but it happens all the time. Is so magic and it is happening in all our lives. Believe, fly and live your life. Do good and bring the best in your life and that from others




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