A travel beyond time and space


A travel beyond time and space

In this blog i want to share some personal things according to some things i experienced lately.

After i arrived in Santiago with the group i travelled forward through Ponferrada before heading to Santander for a new trip on the camino the Santiago with a group. Just for i left to Spain the idea came to go to Ponferrada in between. And i saw that there were festivities in the castle of Ponferrada during that period. Festivities remembering the connection of the region with the knight templars. There was a deep feeling in me that said i had to go there. As the place also attracted me a lot when i was there a few years ago when i first did the camino the Santiago. At that time i had a deep feeling of coming home in the castle. So attending the festivities seemed a nice idea and came perfect in between the two travels. So i got in touch with the organisation before i left. And it seemed that it was the right time and right moment to call as there was just one place left at that time and i would also be able to participate in an initiation ritual. It felt like the universe confirmed my feeling i had to go there. So i did not think and decided to go and that is how i ended up in Ponferrada.

It is amazing what is happening as this templar connection is coming back all the time and it feels as i can make this connection again in this life. I can not explain everything here but there are a lot of things happening i cannot explain with my mind. Maybe this is going to sound strange what i am going to say now. But lately i am projected from around me that i am here in this life with a special mission. And this templar connection is also coming back again and again. Recently i was in the Netherlands and overthere two woman told to me seperate from each other that when they were looking in my eyes they saw a prophet. The first time i heard that i had something from yeah right but the second time it was coming in. One week after that someone called me out of the blue in a total different context that she found a book about a prophet and she had the feeling she had to give it to me. Recently somebody else also told me i am here with a special mission to do something with the word and inspire people. Without knowing me at all and not knowing that i am busy writing. And there are more things that are going beyond all the rational. Also with the templar connection. I cannot deny any longer that there is something happening which is going beyond the rational.

And then there are the dreams and visions that i have with very deep messages. I know for a lot of people it can sound strange but i really feel that i can bring sacred knowledge in writing. Now with everything that happens around me and what is reflected it is getting a total different dimension. For me it is not about me being special but about special things that wants to come through me. Messages that are going beyond who i am as a person. I feel i am a channel of very profound messages that want to come through me. And it is mirrored that this also involves a lot of my past lives. The past years some people told me i have the ability to bring old sacred knowledge in the world without knowing me at all. A lot has also to do with the templars and the middle east in past lives. The past years i wrote a lot down of the magic that happened and i want to write more about it. Even that it is totally out of the box.

The only thing that hold me back to dive entirely is the reaction of others. What will people think? How will they react? As this kind of things are not mainstream. That still makes me scared sometimes. Really scared from time to time. But i don’t want to hold back anymore. I feel that i am guided in a direction. Already as i child i could feel things. For a long time i denied this. Sometimes it makes myself tired to hold the potential that wants to come out. While walking to the templars castle in Ponferrada for the initiation ritual  a few days ago it was raining a little bit. I was dressed in ancient templar clothes to attend the ceremony in the castle and i had the feeling i was walking back in time and space and making contact with an older part of myself.

And then suddenly when i walked in front of the castle a huge rainbow came up on the sky. A rainbow that was making a huge portal around the castle just at the place where i was at that particular moment. As like the universe wanted me to show again that this was the place i had to enter. Only for a short time the rainbow was visible and then vanished again. At that moment i decided to no longer hold back. As what i want to bring is timeless as the rainbow and will be still there as my body vanished away.

Probably for some people this will sound weird and i can imagine if i would see myself writing this a few years ago i would have been thinking what is this. But i really feel more connected to what is now and more grounded then ever before. Even that what i am speaking about can seem total out of the box. But i am not here to fulfill the illusion of the box, i am here to follow the truth. And i can tell you that the truth is not the box at all. I don’t want to hold back anymore.





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