An Indian wedding


The first 5 days of my journey in India where all about rituals and ceremonies for a wedding of a friend in Delhi. Hereby you find some pictures of how a traditional wedding in India is taking place. The wedding ceremony is taking place over some days finally resulting in the wedding ceremony. In between you have rituals like the Mehendi or traditional hand painting. You also have a ceremony where the bride get symbolic bracelets around the arm and which she has to wear for one year. Everything is very colourful and there is also a lot of traditional dancing and singing. This are some examples of rituals taken place in this days. It is also common in a lot of families that people are brought together based on the astrological signs of two persons. Which was not the case in this wedding. So in a lot of cases people in India are still brought together by their families without knowing their future partner before. In the outher form it is really different in some way and in the same time also very equal. Under all the outher layers on the other hand it is all about the same and about universal love and the connection between two persons.

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