Inner Peace


Inner peace

Today at the peace conference in India we did a constellation and were talking about peace in the world. In the constellation i was chosen to be the representant for world peace. Just like the feeling that i have in the writing i could become a channel for what had to come. The message that came through me was the following. To achieve peace you don’t have to go to some place outside yourself. You just can hold back and bring your awareness inside yourself. To look inside yourself and realise that peace is coming from within. You cannot find something outside yourself without first finding it in yourself. So it is important to go on an inner journey to find peace inside. And realise that the outside world can only be a mirror to look inside ourselves and find peace there. Peace is an inner state which you reflect in your behaviour in the outside world.

Peace inside ourselves is also about finding balance in the polarities between the feminine and the masculine energy in ourselves. In order to achieve peace we have to find the balance in this both energies. In this constellation in the conference, in my journey in India and journey in life in general i feel that it is part of my life purpose to create space for the feminin energy. I feel this as a big part of my journey and i was writing about it earlier. Even that i am making this journey in a male fysical body i feel that i have a lot of feminine energy. And i know both energies are not about my fysical body. My body is only a container of the life energy which carries both the feminine and masculine aspect in itself. For me the challenge as a man with a lot of female energy is to balance my masculine part.

On a bigger level peace outside oursleves also comes from within. A balance that is not there yet in our world. As politics and culture has been dominated for so long by the masculine the challenge is to rehonour the feminine. As you can still see that many leaders are there in a male body and a lot of the women on the top levels are in their masculine side. Which is the result of the energy of the male dominance. In order to find peace on a bigger level the clue is to balance both energies inside ourselves and so on a bigger level. So the challenge for humanity is to rehonour the feminin energy which has been suppressed for such a long time. Both in men and women fysical bodies. Because it is not only about the fysical body. The challenge for men and women is to land in their softness and feminine side. And to not go in polarity but find a mature balance in between both. The balance of the feminine and masculine energy both in man and women. And then peace can come in a world which is now still ruled on a lot of levels by an inmature, dominant masculine power.

During my journey here in India i could really feel the existence of the male dominance which is still very present here. I could feel the pain of the feminine side and the struggle from the feminine in her search for freedom and be honoured again. I could this feel both inside myself and outside myself. I was able to feel the struggle i went through inside myself to become the vulnerable and sensitive men that i am now. And i could also feel in India and other places the struggle of many women that are still repressed. I feel that it is part of my path to further dive into this subjects. After my journey that is what i further want to commit to. To create space together with others for the feminine energy to come in balance with the masculine. And to be a warrior of peace. In writing, workshops, … . I feel that i am ready to do work about this topic and facilitate space for this. And i will sure write a novel about this topic as this is really what i feel i have to do. I feel that it is part of my soul mission. By helping creating a path of freedom for the feminine energy. Even that i am making this journey in a male body. I also feel there have been times i made this journey in a female body in another life. That it is not at all about the fysical body but about the life energy our body contains. And the soul that longs for inner peace. Peace which comes from the inside. May peace be with you all.






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