Desire of the heart


Arrived in Aurovalley for the peace conference and ready to dive in the silence another time before heading back to Belgium. There is a young men here in India which is the son of friends and this young men was a big mirror for me in my inner journey the last days. A mirror for my heart that is longing to become a father one day. My heart that is both longing for freedom and one the same hand ready to settle in a relationship when the right time, the right person and the right circumstances will be there. There is a strong believe in myself that what should come shall come in a way i cannot see yet. Just like life and the journey now in India is bringing the right things at the right time again and again and that there is a perfect timing for everything that appears under the sun in the life of all of us. Life always brings what we need at the right time if we are open to surrender. It is working out for all of us ♥


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