A message of hope


One heart

A message of hope

Out of nothing this picture came under my eyes while surfing on the internet  and after i saw what is currently going on in the United States. In between all the messages of hate and terrorism. It is a picture of the famous dream team. The famous American basketball team from the 90’s. A group of young men representing what is called the United States. How ironic and both powerfull a name of a country can be. The UNITED states. And how ironic and in the same hand powerful a picture can be. A group of young men who were born and grew up in a black body representing a country were few are screaming for white supremacy. While many others are coming up for unity.

Which colour has the US? What is the US? What is the United States more then a product constructed by people that were once immigrants coming from another country or continent? A concept kept alive by people who came after them. What are the people of the US more then souls making a journey in this world like everybody is doing. The US is just like the world a colourfull pallet of people from all over the world. I see in online videos people shouting on the street to claim and protect their streets. But what are their streets? What are they more then a concept in the mind. As what they call their streets were once no streets.

I look with compassion to what is happening even that i feel a deep sense of sorrow. When i look with the eyes from my heart i can only see the pain and anger of some people that forget where there roots are. And that is just sad. And on the other hand i feel joy for the people who stand up for peace without fighting. I feel compassion for the people who do not remember that the United States are not more then a product of emigrants coming from other parts in the world one day. A few centuries ago the United States did not exist. Not so long ago, as time is relative, nobody spoke about the United States when Native Americans still inhabited the country.

How ironic life can be i think while looking to this picture of a basketball team. Even that i am not interested in basketball it triggers something. I still remember when i was a young boy when a whole country and even the whole world was supporting a dream team representing a country what is called the US. And in the same hand i saw so many suppression of black people in the same country. What i see in this picture and in the symbolic of the colors of the rings is that the different rings represent different hearts coming together in one heart.

One heart that is bouncing in all of us no matter which color we have. We are all inhabitants of the same country which we use to call the world. Beyond the outer we are all connected. The same blood is streaming through all our vains no matter if we are black, yellow, white or red. Life doesn’t count in colours. Only some people do. Only people who don’t remember who they are and where they come from think in terms of separation. They destroy their own family without knowing.

Life in essence is easy if we all remember who we are and were we come from. There is no need to fight only the need to open our heart and embrace each other like brothers and sisters. When we realise that we are all family beyond the fysical. There is no need for violence but only for dialogue. There is only one heart. Amen, namaste, inshallah. In the name of love.


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