A journey to the heart of ancient Persia


A journey to the heart of ancient Persia

After my journey towards Glastonbury with a small group i will start my journey to the East. On a quest to discover the secrets and the beauty of the cultures of ancient Persia. During my travel i will write about my experiences and what is happening on the way. You will be able to follow it on my travelblog www.janmoeyaert.com. I also decided to cancel the organised trip to India. In the organisation of travels i notice that people need to arrange holidays long before in order to plan for their work. I had several questions from people if i already have plans to organise travels for 2019. If i am honest with myself this is not something i cannot commit to for now. I feel a deep desire to live as much as possible in the moment. It is sometimes a challenge to manifest this in a world where there is so much focus on the long term. But what i feel for myself is that the magic of life is showing itself the most when you decide to let the way evolve in the moment. So that is what i want to commit for now. To fully embrace the moment. And for now i feel i cannot commit for the years to come …

I also decided that i will start my journey by road so that i will be able to travel more slowly. After the trip from Glastonbury i will head to Bruges, the city where i was born, and then start my journey to the East by road. I have no idea how i will get there but i will let it all evolve in the moment. I have no idea in which countries i will end up on my way as i decided to not make a fixed plan. I will head to the East and that will be my direction. The way will form itself just as the countries i will visit. I also decided to do my blogs in general in English. I really love my native language and it will always have a special place in my heart but i prefer to use a language that is more accessible for writing during my travels.

You will be able to follow the adventures on my travel blog www.janmoeyaert.com and also on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgKJYI-9WRn2snWboWLSbMg. On the way i will write about the experiences on the way, meetings, culture and history, … . Also here no fixed plan but space to let it grow in the way it goes … Times to reach out and time for silence … I am fully aware of the fact that living this way of life is not the standard … But it is the life i want to choose for now in this part of my life … To live as a modern and digital nomad … Maybe there will come a time in the future that i will take it more easy and choose for a fixed place … But this not here yet … For now this is what i feel i have to do and i want to follow my heart … And simply feel what i need at all time … As for now i choose for the nomad way of living in the knowledge that home is wherever i am and not a place outside myself …

See you on the way in the moment




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