Reincarnation is not a myth but a down to earth reality


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Reincarnation is not a myth but a down to earth reality
In the West reincarnation still sounds like something that is like a myth. While in the East it is part of culture. As i was born in Belgium reincarnation was for a long time something that i never heard about. Until the last years some strange things started to happen. Now i know that reincarnation is a down to earth reality for all of us and that who i am in this life is only part of a bigger journey just like it is for all of us. That is also why i want to write something about it. The last years some things happened that in the past i would have said to be strange things.
The last years i went on a spiritual quest and the more i became closer to myself i began to realize that everything that i was doing was part of a bigger journey which is coming back again in this life as i can see now. Maybe the most special part is the deep connection i feel with with the Knights Templars. During my journey i could experience by myself that they were not the evil knights who the church decided to execute during the inquisition. They were doing more good then we can ever imagine. That is why they had to disappear. Just like the Cathars in France.
In a bigger picture i can see now the Templars are part of who i am and that everything is coming back in this life. It all started when i first walked the camino the Santiago. After my trip in 2014 i was initiated in the second degree of Reiki in an old church in a village in the South of France. The thing is that it was not supposed to happen there as we were staying in other place. It was only because we did a tourist trip that we ended up in the village and the church where i was initiated in the moment. A few years later i saw a video on youtube from an initiation in that church from the Knight Templars and it seemed that the village was an old Templar village. As seeing this movie came together with some other experiences i fully realised that my reiki initiation was part of a regression to an older part of myself connected with the Knight Templars.
And things kept coming. Last year i met Sara a Spanish woman on the camino de Santiago and in our meeting it was clear that we knew each other for a long time. And in our meeting the Templars also came back in a magical way. After my meeting i decided to ask for a channeling to a friend about our past lives and without knowing she started to talk about our deep connection and she had also a view of the two of us riding on one horse. For me this was the ultimate proof that it was right as my friend did not knew anything about me and Sara and the link with the Knight Templars. But i knew that something typical for the Knight Templars was that they share one horse.
And it kept going on. During an energetic massage in Spain last year a woman said she saw a view of me as a medieval knight. I asked here if she could describe the clothes i was wearing and she said she saw a red cross. And then again i got goosebumps all over my body. Just like if the universe wanted to go through my critical mind it kept coming again and again. And believe me, i have been very critical about this topic.
The most strong thing was last year when during two travels i organised on the camino de Santiago i was in Ponferrada and i saw that there was a ceremony called “Noche Templaria” remembering the presence of the Knight Templars overthere. I called to the organisation if i as a foreigner could participate. Just the moment when i called there was only one place left for the ceremony which i saw as a proof i had to be there. So i ended up in the summer of last year in this ceremony in the Templar castle of Ponferrada which was in different ways a deep regression into the past. The picture in this message was taken in Ponferrada in the summer of last year.
It also kept coming in meetings on the way. I met other people on my path in this life which also seemed to be brothers and sisters with connections with the Knight Templars and we were simply meeting again in this life in a different body but with the same soul mission.
Now i can also see in a bigger picture why i worked for ten years in a bank without the fact that this was ever a dream. I know i had to be there and now i can also see that also this is connected with the Templars as they were the founders of the banking system. Also the connection i have with the camino de Santiago is in a bigger context related to the Knight Templars as they were the protectors of the camino de Santiago. With the organisation of the travels it seems that i am doing exactly the same in this life beyond time and space in another form.
I had several other experiences with past lives but during the last years the Templar connection kept coming in the most magical ways. This is only a few of the things that happened and during the readings i will give later about the holy grail i want to tell more about it. When i would have seen myself writing this as a teenager i would have said Jan you became crazy. But now i know for sure i am not crazy and it is real. Now i know for sure that the soul is immortal and i will never die and that no one of us will ever die. There will only come a day that we will leave our fysical body. But in the end we are all eternal souls.
By sharing this experience and speaking about this i want to help to get rid of the taboos about the topic of reincarnation. Life gave me the prove of reincarnation and i know a lot of people also got the prove for themselves. And as it is not only my story but the story of all of us i decided to share my experience. I also feel it is part of my path to embody the truth and lay my life in the hands of the divine. There is divine guidance for all of us. And if you believe it or not you are an eternal being. We are all eternal beings in the end. Realizing this before your fysical death gives life a total different perspective.



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