Horse riding Armenia


Horse riding Armenia

Last week I went on a trip with guests and in combination with the exploration of Armenia we did a few days horse driving in different regions in Armenia. It was really amazing to discover the beauty of the country while driving on the horses. During this days i could feel again how deeply i love horse riding and how i missed it in my life. When i was young my father teached me how to ride and i was driving for years with my father. After years of not driving the passion came back now here in Armenia. My father who passed away some ten years ago for sure was smiling from heaven when seeing how i connected again here with horses. Also i feel gratitude for my father teaching me the skills of horse riding…

Horse driving here in Armenia took me now to another level as horse driving here cannot be compared with horse driving in Belgium or in a lot of other countries … the freedom, the landscapes, the wildness … horse driving here is unique in a lot of ways … It is pure magic …

In this days I could deeply feel that i want to organise more of this kind of trips in combination with travelling in Armenia. Do you like horses and horse riding? Contact me and we can arrange a tailor made travel for you, your family or your friends. Together with experienced horse riders in different regions I will personally guide you. This in combination with exploring Armenia.

We from Golden Aprocit travel arrange your whole travel according to your desires. We prefer to make travels based on personal desires and to not deliver fixed packages. So all is possible. Also for horse riding we can deliver travels for beginners and experienced drivers. In combination with excursions etc… So contact us for all your questions. Whatsapp 0032494850240 or

One thing is for sure, you will love it, also seeing how much joy we had together with our guests this days. We all deeply enjoyed the pureness of driving the horses, the landscapes, …

Hereby I a video i made these days while driving the horses. Even the small new born horses joined us during our trip …

Hope to see you here one day

Greets from Armenia


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