Peace conference India


Peace conferenc

To end my journey in India i attended a peace conference in Rishikesh. 3 days we gathered with people from all around the globe about peace leadership and how to bring peace in companys, countries, cultures, … . It was a great experience and another proof that there are so many nice souls doing great work in the world everywhere. Together we can make this world a better place. Starting with ourselve

After a wonderful journey in India with lots of experiences  i am now ready to release an old part of my life and enter a new phase. Ready to come back to Belgium but aware that the world is my home. Probably my path will lead back to India as well in the futur. I feel that i am ready now to start facilitating workshops, do coaching and organise activities about self realisation. Together with writing which is also an important part of my life. I am ready to further embrace my life purpose and to further contribute to a more sustainable world both alone and together with many others. I simply do not want to live an ordinary life. I want to die for my heart desires.

I never wanted to live in a ready made box which is a reflection from society but live life in an authentic way in how it evolves in every moment. There is a dream asking to be lived for all of us and it is called life. Life is our unique gift to the world. Together we can built and change the world. Starting with changing ourselves.




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