Rishikesh – The inner journey


Two days ago i arrived in Rishikesh close to the Himalaya’s in North India. Rishikesh which is also called the Yoga capital of the world. People from all over the world are coming here for yoga, retreats, yoga teacher educations, … . So now it is time for an inner journey. Time for yoga, retreat, self development, time in nature, … . Time to simply become silent and disconnect for a while. Which also means disconnect from internet for some time. And making space for the journey inwards. Time to let silence speak. Silence which is so important but sometimes so far away in a society with so many distractions. It is important to integrate this moments from time to time. I really feel i am in need for this. My first book is also as good as finished and will probably be released in March. But for now it will will be silent here for some time. See you later


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