Divine guidance


Divine guidance

There is a divine guidance that is leading all of us on our path. Last weekend i facilitate a weekend and it was magic how everything was all falling into place again and again. A new prove that everything happens at the right time. Both in the joyfull and the less joyfull things in life. It feels like things are all the time orchestrated from above. I could really see and feel this in the weekend also. After the weekend it kept continuing. I was planning to go for a walk on my own to the forest after the weekend. On the way to the forest i passed Maastricht and there was something in me that said i had to go to Maastricht. But i drove further to the forest as i wanted to be in silence and a city was not my plan. But when i arrived at the forest i still had the feeling that i had to go to Maastricht. There have been a time in the past i wouldn’t have listened to this feeling but i decided to drive all the way back to Maastricht. Arrived there it seemed to be calm in the city just like i needed. I had a quite walk and after walking for a while suddenly a tought came that somebody told me about a church in Maastricht that was changed into a book shop. I was thinking that it would be nice to visit it now that i was there. I wondered about going into some shop to ask where this place was. But then a few hunderd meter further i passed a man coming out of a door and i looked in the place and it seemed to be this place. Synchronicity. I didn’t had to ask for the place. It just happened and i ran into it. It’s so magic how this happens again and again. And then more had to come. In the back of the church there was a bar where i decided to drink something. Next to me a place came free and at that time a tought came about who was going to sit there after and which story this person would carry.

Some time later a couple came in from whom the woman seemed a little upset and she had some tears in her eyes. I heard her talking to her partner about a train that she missed. At that time i was thinking about the fact that sometimes missing a train can bring you to a place or other destination that you cannot see at that time. I had the feeling that i had to say that to her no matter what. I hesitated and in the past i wouldn’t have dare to say this and stay in my cocoon. But i did now and asked to the woman if i could say here something. That i heard about the fact that she missed a train and that i saw her tears. So i told her about the feeling i had to tell about missing a train. She appreciated this a lot and we started talking even that just before we were complete strangers. After some time she asked me about my interests and we started talking about the book i was writing and India and it seemed that her friend also just came back from India and Rishikesh where i was some time ago.  And that she was also going to publish her first book. It is just amazing to see how everything all falls together like into a giant divine puzzle. That you meet the right people and circunstances on the way again and again. Every day it happens. We are supported and led on our way all the time. It seemed that i had to be in Maastricht instead of the forest at that time. There were so many signals about this and i also had the luck that they want to sell my book in the shop also.

This magic is working out in all our lives if we are open to see it and to receive it. This happen in a divine order. There has been a time that i was ignorant for this or would not speak about this. That i would have been thinking about what others would think. But this time is finished. The last years so many things happen that i cannot explain with my rational mind. And it is to beautifull and magic to be silent about this. I know for myself what is real and i want to be authentic in that. I am not going to wear masks anymore like i did as a teenager to try to fit in a society which is full of illusions. I have noticed for myself and seen for many others that there is so much more in our life then we can imagine and explain with our rational mind. That there is divine guidance in our lives. That we can be authentic and that we are supported in that. In a time that secularisation is all over the place it is the divine that can safe us. The divine which is everywhere and speak through everything. The divine is no religion, no book, no person, no God, … . It is bigger then that. The divine is the all and the nothing and it works in all our lives and through everything. I have the feeling that i have to write this out no matter what. I know a lot of people will experience this also even that they keep it for themselves. This divine guidance is not about a high in the sky thing but down to earth reality. If you are able to open for it and to see it.





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