Life is magic


On the way to Santander a new magic meeting on the plane happened yesterday. It is so wonderfull how i end up on the right place again. Again i was seated next ┬áto a person from which there is no doubt i had to met that person. I was sitting next to a woman that is exactly in the same things that i am in. What is the possibility that i can be dropped next to a person that is also doing walking coaching and that has also done the camino and so much more that we have in common. On the plane we talked like we knew each other for a long time and talked about deeper things, faith, coaching, nature, … In the end the woman and her men gave me a lift with their car to my hotel in Santander. Life is simply so magic and it all works out in a divine way. My mind simply doesnt resist any more and is in line with my heart that knows that all happens for a reason and that we are guided on our paths. There happen so many magical things. The heart knows it and in the end the mind have to follow. Life is magical if you see it like that.


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