Miracles happen when you believe in it


Miracles exist

It is beautiful so see how miracles happens all the time. How things perfectly fall in a divine puzzle. How all is connected. How miracles work through all of us. How paths cross. How things work out. We are all miracles and part of a bigger miracle. Look around you and notice the divine order of everything. Can you see the wonder of a flower growing to the light. Just consider for a moment who you are yourself when you pass by a flower. In essence you are that flower. You know what makes you different from the flower? The way you look to the flower and to yourself. You know what keep people away from miracles? The way they look to life. Miracles are real if you are willing to see them and willing to surrender. Your heart knows at all time what your mind can not understand. Just surrender to the magic of life and have hope at all time.




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