Life after death


Life after death

Death … A word subject to many taboos. Does life end after death? Or is it just a gateway to something else? It is something that always integrated people as it is part of who we are. If i look to myself there have been periods in my life that things were not clear about it. Periods that i questionned the existence of life after death. Just like it is for a lot of people. There are still so many mists of mysterie around death. But the fact is that there is so much more then we can explain. I could experience it in my personal life and see it in the life of so many others. The time that my rational mind had a lot of resistance towards this subject is vanishing every day.

The past few years i saw so many examples and proof of the existence of life after death. Past souls taking contact with loved ones and speaking with them. Experiences with past lives. This is not fiction but a down to earth reality in the life of so many people. It is a down to reality in all our lives. The fact is that it is ignored so much. It is in fact unbelievable that there is so much taboo about something that should be more mainstream. Because the moment we change our perspective on death our whole world changes. Our whole view on life changes if we see that death is not the end.

Can you imagine for yourself what it means if the day you leave your body is not the end? Can you simply capture the essence of that? That your loved ones who are leaving this world actually are not so far as you would think. From that awareness of believing of life after death it will still be hard to say goodbye to the ones we love. We will still miss them. And life can still be hard. But there is also hope because it is not the end. When you believe that the soul never dies everything changes. I do believe and i know there are so many others who also believe in this. But still there is so much taboo about it.

Why are people so afraid to speak about it? I know for myself there can be a lot of resistance on it. As i had periods in my life i also had a lot of resistance on this subject. If i would see myself writing this now from my point of perspective ten years ago for example I would probably think is that really me speaking. But it is me. Who i am now is who i am now. And i do really believe in life after death now. And there are so many people who also do. Why we don’t just start talking more about it? Giving this topic more space. Breaking through the taboos. Do you believe in life after death?




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