Love is like a sweet wine


Love is like a sweet wine

What is more beautiful then love in freedom? Unconditional love without any conditions. Not want to posses or claim the other. Not making the other responsible for a feeling you want to obtain. Seeing yourself and the other as a gate through which love appears. Letting the other be in freedom. Reminding that you cannot posses both love or the other. Love comes through someone. You cannot hold love in your hand. Love cannot be encaged. Love choose her own way. She is intangible and volatile as the ether … The only thing we can do is open ourselves fort he wonder that love is. So that we can feel the love in our heart. Love is freedom. Just like love is respecting the others freedom. Not wanting to encage the other. Not willing to posses the other. As love can not be possesed. Love flies in our lives carried on the wings of freedom. Love appears in our lives in the moments we do not expect it, it overtakes us … Above all love comes unconditional.

How we react on love brings possible expectations, restrictions, conditions, requirements, … . Then also the conditioned concepts of relations show up. In this moments love already lost its freedom. Then the essence of love already vanished. Love cannot be chained with expectations, condtions and requirements. Neither can love be captured in any concept of relationships. Love stands beyond this all. Love stays beyond time and space. Love has no conditions. Love lives in eternity of the heart rather then in the often limited frameworks of the mind. Love asks to be experienced and not to be reasoned.

Love is like a sweet wine. Love on itself has no shape. Love is fluid and without shape. You can describe her colours, put her in a bottle and by this present it in a form, you can read the label on the bottle that contains her, … . But what thus this all tell in core about love? Love does not ask tob e described. Love contains in itself the strong desire of being tasted. Love is the story of taste rather then the story of the lips through which someone drinks. The odor of love reaches out without expectations or conditions and get her value in the smell that brings someone in extase, … Love is an experience. An experience which comes in an unconditional way and cannot be claimed.


Fragment out of the diary “On the go” Jan Moeyaert








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